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ATV/UTV Routes

It is the responsibility of the ATV/UTV operator to be familiar with all rules and regulations required to legally operate in the City of Mineral Point.  Links to the city ordinance, rules and regulations and mapping are below.

City Ordinance

City Brochure/Map

City Map

NOTE: The county and township roadways shown on this map do not fall under jurisdiction of the City of Mineral Point and are shown for reference only.  Operators must follow the operating rules for the jurisdiction they are traveling through.

ATV/UTV Route Rules

  • Routes are for ATV/UTV traffic only (off road motorcycles, mini bikes, dune buggies, go cars etc are prohibited).
  • Operation. ATV/UTV operation on the routes shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Wisconsin State Statutes, the Wisconsin Administrative Code and all other applicable ordinances, as the same may be amended from time to time.
  • City streets are open unless posted.
  • Operation on city streets and parking lots only.  Travel on sidewalks, pedestrian ways or in parks is prohibited.
  • Speed Limit. As posted on the street you are operating on.
  • Routes closed 11 pm to 6 am.
  • Driver must be at least 16 years old and have a valid motor vehicle driver’s license.
  • Open Intoxicants. No person may possess on his or her person or in or on an ATV or UTV upon any route, any bottle or receptacle containing alcohol beverages if the bottle or receptacle has been opened, the seal has been broken or the contents of the bottle or receptacle have been partially removed or released.
  • Insurance Required. Operators must carry liability insurance.
  • Posted/prohibited streets cannot be crossed.

Alternate Side Parking

The Mineral Point Police Department reminds residents that alternate side parking will be in effect from November 15 to April 1.

No person shall park any vehicle between 12:01 AM and 6:00 AM from November 15 to April 1, except on the even-numbered side of each street on even-numbered days and on the odd numbered side of each street on odd-numbered days.  All vehicles must be moved to the correct side of the street by 12:01 AM.

Some streets are restricted to parking on one side only for the same time period.  If you have any questions about parking for your street, please contact the police department at 987-2313 or view the alternate side parking street list.


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