Park Shelters Available for Reservation

The City of Mineral Point has several parks. The largest is Soldiers' Memorial Park which has four shelters available for reservation on a first come, first serve basis. Each shelter has a different capacity.

Park Shelter Hours:  9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Fee of $50 applies to all shelter rentals, and the shelter is reserved for the whole day.  Reservation Fee must be paid 48 hours in advance in order for shelters to be properly set up and “Reserved For” signage hung.  If payment is not made 48 hours in advance, the “Reserved” sign will not be hung and the shelter not be set up.

*Use of the inside of the concession stand of Shelter #3 is only from January - April, and mid-July - October.  Any rentals of Shelter #3 from May 1st - July 15th will not include use the indoor concession stand.

1.       All picnic tables should be wiped clean of all spills and food.
2.      The shelter house floor should be swept clean of all foods, spills, cigarette butts, pop & beer cans.
3.      All signs and table cloths should be removed, including staples, thumbtacks, tape, nails or whatever means you use to fasten them.
4.      All litter must be placed in the garbage cans.  If the garbage cans are already full, the remaining litter can be placed in boxes or garbage bags and placed next to the garbage cans.  (PLEASE DO NOT OVER FILL THE GARBAGE CANS)
5.      All picnic tables must be moved back to their original locations in the shelter houses.
6.      All clean – up requirements must be done before leaving the shelter.


The ball field cannot be reserved