ETZ Commission

Mission: The City exercised their legal right to create an extra-territorial zoning (ETZ) commission with the Town of Mineral Point for a portion of the town extending out 1.5 miles from the current City boundary  February 2006.


Term: 1 year

Members: The Mayor shall appoint seven (6) members. Those members shall be comprised of three (3) from the City of Mineral Point and three (3) from the Town of Mineral Point.

Chapter 155 Extraterritorial Zoning Ordinance

Ordinance 14-2020 to Amend Chapter 20 ETZ Map

Extraterritorial Zoning Map revised August 26, 2020


Name Term Position
Vacant 2022-2023
Gary Sullivan 2022-2023 Town Member
Tim Freeman 2022-2023 Plan Commissioner
Jim Heisner 2022-2023 Town Member
Troy Kroll 2022-2023 Town Member
Lynnea Lauffer 2022-2023 City Member