Plan Commission

Mission: The Plan Commission oversees the physical development of the City, ensuring orderly development and expansion consistent with the comprehensive plan.


Term: 1 year

Members: The Mayor shall appoint seven (7) members. Those members shall be comprised of the Mayor, two (2) members of Council, and four (4) citizens.

Tasks include:

  • To enable the City Council to discuss and evaluate in greater detail the specific issues that directly impact the physical, social, and economic vibrancy of the City of Mineral Point
  • Comprehensive Plan
  • Community Design Standards
  • Housing
  • Development Standards, Guidelines & Policies
  • Growth & Sustainability
  • Economic Development Projects


Name Term Position Email
Jason Basting Mayor [email protected]
Gary Galle 2022-2023 Council Rep [email protected]
David Engels 2022-2023 Council Rep [email protected]
Thomas Johnston 2022-2023 Member
Tim Freeman 2022-2023 Member
Lynnea Lauffer 2022-2023 Member
Maureen May-Grimm 2022-2023 Member
Scott Jelle 2021-2022 Zoning Administrator [email protected]