1) Please read Mineral Point Pool Policy

2) No running

3) No glass allowed inside the pool fence

4) No pets allowed inside pool fence unless it’s a service animal

5) No alcohol

6) No tobacco products including E cigarettes

7) No food/drink allowed on lower deck

8) No open cuts, sores, rash, or contagious diseases allowed in the pool

9) Swim diapers required and may be bought at the check room

10) No changing diapers on the decks

11) No hanging on boards, rope or ladders

12) No diving off high dive No head first entry of any kind off of high dive

13 No diving in the shallow end of the pool to the rope.

14) No weapons allowed in pool area

15) Swim suit or swim clothes required

16) No rough play of any kind allowed

17) Due to liability issues, everyone entering the pool must pay

admission to the pool

18) The water and air temperature must be 65 degrees or above in order

for the pool to open.

19) Pool management reserves the right to close the pool.


The initial opening day and the last day of the pool is determined by:  weather, water temperature of the pool, availability of lifeguards, and the start and end of the school year.