Seat Belt Enforcement: June 22 through the July 4th holiday weekend, police officers across Wisconsin are stepping up seat belt enforcement.  If you’re among the more than 90 percent of Wisconsin motorists, who regularly buckle up – keep up the great work!  If you don’t buckle up – what’s holding you back?  Consider this: the 10 percent of motorists who fail to buckle up account for nearly half the drivers and passengers killed in Wisconsin traffic crashes each year.


Streets, Sidewalk & Solid Waste Disposal Committee

Meeting: 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm

Term: 1 year

Members: The Mayor shall appoint three (3) members including the chair and one (1) alternate.

Tasks include:

  • To enable the City Council to discuss and evaluate in greater detail these specific issues that directly impact the quality and sustainability of the infrastructure of the City of Mineral Point.
  • Street Construction
  • Public Works Services
  • Solid Waste Contract
Name Position Phone Number
Mike Wagner Chair [email protected]
Dave McCoy Member [email protected]
Joel Gosse Member [email protected]
Leslie Reger Member [email protected]