Know More About Your City's Utility Infrastructure

  • The City has about 23 miles of water line.
  • In order to operate in our beautiful driftless region, our water operates in two different pressure zones with 1 water tower and 2 wells.
  • There are 9 pressure reducing stations throughout the city so that pressure doesn’t get too low or too high in some areas. The pressure reducing stations help to maintain two zones of pressure.
Here are some facts about our water system:
  1. We have two wells that are both 800 feet deep
  2. Well #3 pumps at 220 gallons per minute
  3. Well # 4 pumps 450 gallons per minute
  4. Miles of pipe: 23
  5. Number of Fire Hydrants: 180
  6. Pressure reducing stations: 9
  7. Tower capacity: 400,000 gallons
  8. Daily use: We pump an average of 300,000 gallons of water a day into the system
  9. Chemicals added: Fluoride and Chlorine
Department Maintenance
  • Checking the water usage daily and regulating chemical feed
  • Repair leaks in the system and repair the roads affected
  • Flush water mains
  • Maintain & Operate pressure reducing stations
  • Repair & operate hydrants and valves