Seat Belt Enforcement: June 22 through the July 4th holiday weekend, police officers across Wisconsin are stepping up seat belt enforcement.  If you’re among the more than 90 percent of Wisconsin motorists, who regularly buckle up – keep up the great work!  If you don’t buckle up – what’s holding you back?  Consider this: the 10 percent of motorists who fail to buckle up account for nearly half the drivers and passengers killed in Wisconsin traffic crashes each year.


Tax Bills

Tax bills for 2019 have been sent!  If you have not received your bill, please call City Hall at 608-987-2361. 

If you did not receive the lottery and gaming credit on your 2019 tax bill, please fill out the Wisconsin Lottery and Gaming Credit application.

• You may claim this credit for 2019 property taxes, payable in 2020, if on January 1, 2019, you were the owner of the property and used the property as your primary residence. You can have only one primary residence.

• You cannot claim this credit on business property, rental units, land, garages or other properties that are not your primary residence. A non-Wisconsin resident cannot claim this credit.

If you have questions on the Lottery and Gaming Credit, contact the Iowa County Treasurer at 608-935-0397 or the Wisconsin Department of Revenue at (608) 266-9457, (608) 266-0772, or [email protected]