Garbage Pick Up: Just a reminder that garbage pick-up will take place on Saturday, May 30th due to the Memorial Day holiday this week.


Water Tower Project

The City of Mineral Point will be completing maintenance painting and repairs on the Elevated Water Tower from late May, 2020 through August 1, 2020. During most of the painting maintenance and repairs of the project, the Water Tower needs to be completely drained and out of service, causing a substantial reduction in water system pressure and capacity.

During such time, the water system of the City of Mineral Point will be completely operated through its two (2) Water Supply Wells and a temporary pressure system. Therefore, normal use of water will not be effected. There may be some loss of pressure during this process.

The City requests all property owners and businesses to limit its use of any and all water sprinkler systems during the period of painting maintenance and repairs of the Water Tower, and suggest anyone who is having a pool filled by any means other than by a traditional garden hose do so before the start of the project.

Please direct all further questions to City Hall at 987-2361.