Notice of Sewer Smoke Testing: NOTICE OF SEWER SMOKE TESTING  Delta 3 Engineering will be conducting smoke testing of the sanitary sewer system as a means of locating defects in sanitary sewer mains and service laterals that allow rainfall runoff or ground water to enter the sanitary sewer collection system from August, 2020 through November, 2020.  Locating and correcting these defects helps conserve the available capacity of the wastewater collection system, lift stations, and wastewater treatment facility. Smoke testing is done by introducing non-toxic liquid smoke along with large volumes of air through an open sanitary sewer manhole. Smoke will appear around nearby manhole lids and from the ground above defects in sanitary sewer mains and sewer laterals. Smoke will also appear where there are cross connections to the storm sewer system. Caution to property owners: Water can evaporate from unused plumbing fixtures or P-traps that would otherwise prevent sewer gases from entering the building. If you have a bathroom, plumbing fixture, or basement floor drain that is seldom used, please refill P-traps prior to August 4, 2020 by running water into the fixtures before smoke testing is to begin and on a routine basis thereafter in order to prevent sewer gas from entering the building. Smoke coming out of plumbing vent roof stacks is completely normal and is not a cause for alarm. If the plumbing system of your residence/business is adequate and all drain traps are full of water, smoke should not be seen indoors. Smoke observed indoors during the testing would indicate that a plumbing deficiency has allowed entry of unpleasant gases from the sanitary sewer smoking operations into the building. Should smoke enter your home or business, you may contact a member of the smoke testing crew working in your area. The crew member will be able to help verify where the smoke has entered your building. Deficiencies located on private property will be located and identified. The information gained from this testing will be used to improve your sanitary sewer service and could reduce the future wastewater service costs to utility customers. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact: o       Erin Hirn – City Administrator Ø  (608) 987-0463 o        Pat O’Flahrity – City Water/Sewer Superintendent Ø  (608) 987-3442 o        Bart Nies, P.E. – Delta 3 Engineering Ø  (608) 348-5355 Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


New Proposal Due Date for Fountain Street Development Opportunity

The due date  for proposals of the Fountain Street Development Opportunity has been extended to 3 pm on Thursday September 17th , 2020. Please see application requirements below.

Fountain Street Development RFP