Mineral Point Police Department Seeking Information: September 11, 2020   The Mineral Point Police Department has received a rash of complaints regarding the removal or destruction of campaign signs from private property.    The removal or destruction of property belonging to another is a crime.  The Police Department is actively pursuing those responsible.  Anyone with information on this or any other crime is asked to contact this department at 608-987-2313.   Robert P. Weier Chief of Police


DNR Cross-Connection Inspection Report

Dear City of Mineral Point Residents:

It has come to our attention that a local media outlet has written an article that has misinformation regarding the quality of our drinking water. The notice that went out, was regarding a report that was submitted late regarding the commercial/industrial cross-connection inspections.  Due to many businesses being closed, the ability to enter facilities has been challenging. This inspection has been completed and submitted to the DNR fulfilling our deficiency. Please see the information below to better understand the purpose of cross-connection inspections.

What’s a cross connection? A “cross connection” is any connection or arrangement, physical or otherwise, between a potable water supply system and any plumbing fixture, or tank, receptacle, equipment, or device. 

What is a cross connection inspection? An inspection to ensure that cross connections are not occurring in a building’s plumbing system. 

Who has to have cross connection inspections done? Every building that is connected to a municipal water supply is required to have inspections performed. 

Is a cross connection inspection invasive? No. Generally a cross connection inspection can be completed without any disruption to normal business activities and processes. 

Why are cross connection inspections required? The inspections look for areas where it may be possible for non-potable, used, unclean, polluted, or contaminated water or other substance to enter any part of such potable water system under any condition. 

How often is it required? Cross connection inspections are determined by your municipality, and typically required either every 2 years or every 10 years.

If you have any questions please contact City Hall at (608) 987-2361.