Campaign Signage

As you have already noticed there are a lot of yard signs and advertising regarding the upcoming election for various offices throughout the State of Wisconsin. It seems that every time there are campaign signs out in yards, fields and on fences there are issues such as vandalism and theft along with poor sign placement.


Local law enforcement seems to field plenty of calls every election cycle about those issues. There are some things every one of us can do to lessen some of the heartburn. Here are a few examples – If you are placing a sign make sure you have permission from the property owner and that the sign is not on a road right of way. Respect others’ opinions and signs. Do not trespass onto someone’s property to vandalize or steal a sign, certainly not worth being cited or possibly arrested.


We can disagree with someone posting a sign it does not mean we need to act out and do harm.


Iowa County Sheriff Steve Michek

Dodgeville Police Chief Dave Bauer

Mineral Point Police Chief Bob Weier