Brush Pick-Up Reminder


Monthly brush pick-up is scheduled for the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month, April – November. 

Grass clippings are not considered brush and should not be put out for city pickup. All brush should be on the terrace or in the yard, no brush or other materials should be set out past the curb into the gutter or street. 

The City’s brush pick-up is for trimmings and fallen limbs. The City will not pick up full trees or large bushes that have been taken down. Full tree and large bush takedowns should be taken to the City’s brush site behind the water treatment facility during business hours. Grass clippings and compost can be taken to the City’s compost site on Old Darlington Rd.

Leaves will continue to be picked up in the fall.

If you have questions about the City’s brush pick-up policy, please contact City Hall.