Notice – Parking on High Street


With the High Street project in the “full steam ahead” mode, High Street parking is very limited. It is essential that High Street business and property owners on High Street do their part to keep these parking areas open.

The Mineral Point Police Department and the Mineral Point Chamber of Commerce request that businesses, property owners, employees, and residents reserve the parking on High Street for customers, patients, and visitors. Employees and residents parking for extended periods of time on High Street discourages customers and creates accessibility issues for those with limited mobility.

Please direct employees and tenants to the public parking lots or streets parallel to High Street and limit parking on High Street to short durations. DO NOT park your vehicle in any other block on High Street as this only shifts the parking burden to another set of businesses.

If you are currently having construction done to your building, make sure your contractors’ vehicles and equipment are not unnecessarily being left on High Street. Contractors may have to unload equipment in the morning and park elsewhere. If large equipment is needed on High Street, it will have to be moved when not in use.

It will also be to everyone’s benefit to leave the parking stalls open on the side streets that intersect with High Street. (Cine, Chestnut, N. Wisconsin)

We realize this may be an inconvenience to you or your business but ultimately it will provide equal parking opportunities for citizens and customers alike.

Robert Weier, Chief of Police – Mineral Point Police Department

Cory Bennett, Executive Director – Mineral Point Chamber of Commerce