De-Icing Guidelines

Salt, brine, and other deicers can cause damage, such as scaling, to concrete when it sits on new pavement for extended periods. An example is salting the sidewalk and waiting for the salt to melt the snow, without shoveling or shoveling all of the salted ice and snow into a pile on the concrete. Delta 3 Engineering has provided the City of Mineral Point with guidance on how to protect the new concrete sidewalk and streets downtown. 

There are several practices that businesses and residents can perform to help keep the new concrete in good condition. 

  1. Only use salt or deicers when necessary.
  2. When salting or deicing is necessary, mix with tailings (angular sand).
  3. Remove salt and deicing products once they have finished performing. As an example, once the ice is melted sweep the salt off the sidewalk. 
  4. Avoid piling snow and salt mixtures on concrete areas. 

Thank you to all the businesses and residents their cooperation during the construction and for protecting the concrete, and Thank you to Delta 3 for the guidance on protecting the new sidewalks and streets.