Brush Pick-Up

Monthly brush pick-up is scheduled for the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month, April – November. Brush should be put out by 7:00am on Monday. 

All brush should be on the terrace or in the yard, no brush or other materials should be set out past the curb into the gutter or street. 

All brush should be less than 6′ long. All brush should be less than 6″ in diameter. Limbs and tree trimmings should be separated from compostable material such as leaves or weeds. Do not mix compostable material and wood brush material. Compostable material should be placed in a paper bag or other container that can be easily picked up and emptied. No brush or other material should be placed in a plastic bag. If it is in a plastic bag, it will not be picked up. 

Please observe the brush pick-up policy to keep the City looking beautiful and to protect the City’s stormwater drainage system that ultimately impacts the area’s streams and wetlands. 

Failure to observe the City’s brush pick-up policy may result in being subject to the City’s littering ordinance.