Mineral Point Police Department Seeking Information: September 11, 2020   The Mineral Point Police Department has received a rash of complaints regarding the removal or destruction of campaign signs from private property.    The removal or destruction of property belonging to another is a crime.  The Police Department is actively pursuing those responsible.  Anyone with information on this or any other crime is asked to contact this department at 608-987-2313.   Robert P. Weier Chief of Police


Extension of Premise, Sidewalk Stores, and Parklets

The City of Mineral Point City Council has passed three new ordinances to allow for businesses to extend their premise to allow for more store/restaurant space as a result of COVID-19.  Businesses are now able to apply for an extension of premise, sidewalk stores, and parklets.  Links to these ordinances are below.  Application forms can be found under the “Forms” section of the website, or by contacting City Hall at 987-2361.


Ordinance 06-2020 – Extension of Premise

Ordinance 07-2020 – Sidewalk Stores

Ordinance 08-2020 – Parklets